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Managing Your Reputation With Crisis Communication

The drawn out news cycles of the past no longer exist. Today’s news coverage is in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, news organizations are more aggressive and insatiable than ever when pursuing a story. It can feel suffocating when you are being pressured by the media as they try to make their deadlines.

Detailed and flexible planning can provide a layer of protection as well as the opportunity to manage and support your position. We provide perspective and the ability to move forward responsibly and with confidence with our crisis communication experience.

Managing the Unexpected

No one can plan for every emergency; that’s when the unexpected can become a crisis. Understanding the issue and how to manage it requires structure, clear thinking and candor. Managing the issue also requires the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the media channels and defuse the crisis. Crisis Communication: It’s what we do.

Managing Corporate Communication

Look who’s talking; it seems like it’s everybody. Ensuring that your stakeholders – be they clients or employees – hear and understand your message requires the right language and in the appropriate format. We know what needs to be said, by whom and how, to ensure that your voice will be heard and your message received loud and clear.

Managing Social Media

The world is all a’twitter about social media. Your media reach is almost limitless with options like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. Figuring out which strategy works best can be overwhelming. We actually like social media. And we actually understand it as an effective communication tool.

Managing Strategic Community Relations

Do you need help managing your company’s community involvement? Do you have a strategic corporate giving policy? Are your employees strategically placed on local community boards of directors? How about that volunteer program that you’ve been meaning to get off the ground for so long? We perform internal and external audits, identify your resources, develop your strategic programs and activities, assist you in setting up and managing a foundation, and develop internal and external communication plans to help tell your story to key stakeholders and influencers.



The art of communication matters in virtually every industry from government, corporations to non-profit organizations. Below are just some of the industries and initiatives in which Sara Brady Public Relations has provided strategic counsel and …


Litigation (corporate/criminal)

Corporate Mergers

Municipal Government

Law Enforcement

Human Resources

Non-profit Organizations

Development and Construction

Animal Welfare

Corporate Philanthropy




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