Crisis and Reputation Management

sbpr_icon-49When you’re dealing with crisis and reputation management, you need a calm head and a steady hand to get things back on track. Many times, this isn’t something you can find inside your organization – you need someone from outside to come in and help.

Today’s news is no longer delayed while the networks craft their stories and prepare their releases. Instead, you have coverage in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That can make dealing with a crisis especially difficult, as the media outlets pressure you for more information day after day.

Social media can make crisis and reputation management even more problematic, as people share both news and rumors thousands of times over. You can find that your company’s reputation has been destroyed in minutes, although it took you decades to build.

To deal with these challenges, you need a professional who has managed some of the biggest crisis and reputation management challenges in recent memory. Sara Brady worked with Pulse Nightclub after the shocking shooting that made news around the world in June of 2016.

She also helped the family who lost their son to an alligator attack at Disney World and assisted The Plaza in managing their reputation after the tragic crisis of Christina Grimmie’s death. Because Sara has navigated these rough waters, you know that she can help you through your crisis situation as well.

Detailed and customized planning provided by Sara Brady PR can provide a level of protection for your organization as you work to assess your processes, support your staff, and investigate the incident that led to your current crisis. Sara Brady PR also provides perspective and helps your organization move forward responsibly and with confidence.

Handling a crisis requires clear thinking, candor, an outside perspective, and honesty. You’ll need a strategy for handing community relationships, sponsors, advertisers, and more. You’ll also need help communicating effectively with your employees, keeping high-quality talent on board, and managing morale.

You can’t predict when a crisis will hit, but you can be prepared to handle one. It’s all about knowing the right people to call for help. You may be facing the most difficult time in your organization’s history, but that doesn’t mean you’re finished. You can navigate this crisis and even come out better on the other side.

Let Sara Brady PR help you navigate the media channels, social media outlets, and internal communication as you work through your crisis and reputation management situation. She’s here to support you. Here’s to righting the ship, restoring your reputation, and moving forward. To schedule an appointment, contact Sara Brady PR for a consultation today.