Sara Brady Public Relations


Happy Anniversary To Sara Brady Public Relations,Inc.

Accompanied by my remarkable team of co-workers, I have just marked the third anniversary of Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc. There is much to be said about another anniversary and there is much to be anxious about striving for a … Continue reading


Farewell Lydia Gardner

Lost a friend today; a lovely woman. Lydia Gardner was a buddy of many years. No matter what was happening to her, she found the amusing side to her circumstances be it dating, running for political office or fighting cancer. … Continue reading



Lance Armstrong And His Reputation: A Race To The Bottom

Let’s talk about Lance Armstrong talking or not talking. And let’s talk about Lance Armstrong telling his story to Oprah rather than to the sports journalists who have been dogging him for years. Talk about backpedaling. After nearly a decade … Continue reading



Thank You Bob Schieffer

For the past few months I have struggled to find something really good to read, something that could hold my interest from the very beginning. I was getting frustrated with hard covers, used books and my Kindle. I judged my … Continue reading