Strategic Community Relations

sbpr_icon-50Building any great relationship takes work, commitment, and planning. Relationships between your company and your community are no different. Strategic community relations can help you build a lasting, successful reputation.

Having a corporate “give back” program is increasingly essential to being well-regarded in your community. There are dozens of ways to give –  employee volunteer programs, sponsorships of local 5K races, or  donating annually to a worthy cause that matters to you.

All of the opportunities can be overwhelming, and you have your own daily work to complete to help your company be successful. This is where having a strategic community relations expert can be very helpful.

Sara Brady Public Relations has helped dozens of companies choose between many good options in order to find the best fit for a business. Sara Brady PR can help you assess your options and uncover the best giving opportunities for your company give-back program as well.

It’s also important for your company to have strategic influence in your community by holding public positions of influence. Consider the position of your company in your city right now. Do you have employees on the board of directors of any community groups? Do your employees hold positions in homeowner associations, charity organizations, or local government?

If not, Sara Brady PR can help position your company for success by helping encourage your staff to apply for and win strategic positions within your community. This level of local influence and visibility will help you to increase your success and build excellent relationships.

Sara Brady PR has a clear, outside perspective and can help you assess and organize your community relations efforts. Sara Brady PR will help you through the many steps of creating a strategic community relations plan:

  • Perform internal and external audits
  • Identify your resources
  • Set specific, actionable goals
  • Develop your strategic programs and activities
  • Develop internal and external communication plans
  • Help you tell your story to key stakeholders and influencers

A strategic community relations plan is not optional if you want your organization to be truly successful in the city and state where you operate.