Litigation Public Relations

courthouse-1223279_1920No one wants to get sued, especially in a way that attracts public attention. Unfortunately, lawsuits do happen, which is why litigation PR is so important.

Sara Brady Public Relations provides communication support in several key areas to help your business navigate the difficult waters of corporate or criminal litigation.

Strategic Communication

Understanding who should know what, and when is is both an art and a science. Getting through a litigation crisis with your brand and image intact requires professional strategic communication.

Sara Brady PR is experienced in providing strategic communication for tragedies ranging from the Plaza Live incident to the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Sara understands the importance of both brand protection and professional messaging to the right people at the right time.

Rapid Response Support

In today’s social media world, news is instant and a rapid response is vital. And everyone is vulnerable to negative attention.

Effective litigation PR requires someone who knows how to respond to the relentless pressure of social media and news coverage immediately. Sara Brady PR can help your company react quickly, in the right ways, to news of an upcoming corporate or criminal litigation.

Media Coverage Management

As the word of a major story spreads, all media outlets want to get in on the action. Today, this doesn’t just mean CNN, ABC, CBS, and other major outlets. It also involves online publications such as Huffington Post, Google News, and even BuzzFeed.

If you’re not prepared to manage the media coverage, you could be caught off guard at the worst possible time. Having a public relations professional available to help you manage the facts and the spin that others put on your issue is essential.

What you do and don’t say to the media will have a lot to do with how your brand weathers the storm of a corporate or criminal litigation.

Professional PR Counsel

In the end, you need a litigation PR strategy to help manage the media spotlight and share your side of the story. Often, it is helpful to have an objective outsider manage your public relations efforts so that you can still focus on your daily business operations. Regardless, public relations can help shape the story that is told about your litigation situation.