Corporate Mergers Public Relations

When a company is going through a merger, tensions can be high. People aren’t sure what to expect, both inside and outside the organization. It’s vital to choose someone to manage your corporate mergers public relations. A PR professional can help you develop and execute an effect communication plan both inside and outside your company.

Internal PR During a Merger

Internal public relations are aimed at employees and leaders within the company. During a corporate merger, rumors and misinformation will swirl. A properly designed PR plan can help you manage whispers and fortify the environment with real and credible information.

During a merger, employees are concerned about what will happen to their jobs, as well as how the company culture will change when the union is complete. By creating a plan with leadership ahead of time, the internal public relations during corporate mergers can be handled effectively.

Providing strategic information to employees helping them understand what will happen to their department can help control the spread of rumors and provide reassurance to key staff.

Communicating with the Public During a Merger

Customers and investors are two other audiences that deserve information during a merger. Customers need to know whether products and services are going to change in the future, and how the sales and customer service processes will work.

Investors need to assurances that the new resulting new company will be well-run and stable. If investors receive the wrong information, your organization’s valuation can be negatively impacted, leading to significant problems for the merger.

Carefully coordinated and well-timed communication with the media and the public can help everyone rest easy that the merger is going well and that the new company will be better and stronger than ever before. It’s also important for a PR professional to monitor external feelings about the transaction so that additional statements can be released if needed.

A corporate mergers public relations firm can help your organization navigate successfully through a merger. Inappropriate communication can result in turnover, drops in sales, and a loss of valuation in public markets. When you have a PR professional on your team, you can manage these concerns.