There Are No Perks To Being A Wallflower

  “OH. MY. GOD. Where do I sit? I don’t know anyone. Oh, she looks like she might be nice. I’ll just plop down next to—NOPE. That seat is saved. Keep it together, Kristin. Eventually someone will have to talk … Continue reading



Goodbye Technology, Hello Sanity

Hello Technology: I’ve tried so hard to embrace and love you, but it’s just not working out. It’s not you, it’s me. Welll, maybe sometimes it is you. After all, why do so many companies have those “Chat” folks available … Continue reading



View From An Intern

In my classes at Rollins alone almost half of the students are studying Public Relations. I knew this reason, I would have to find a way to stand out. An internship was my best choice as it would teach me … Continue reading



Lance Armstrong And His Reputation: A Race To The Bottom

Let’s talk about Lance Armstrong talking or not talking. And let’s talk about Lance Armstrong telling his story to Oprah rather than to the sports journalists who have been dogging him for years. Talk about backpedaling. After nearly a decade … Continue reading



Sara Brady Public Relations Says Happy New Year

I don’t believe in dwelling in the past. Moving forward is always so much more productive. But every once in a while, a glance in the rear view mirror can provide a delightful vista of a year lived well. And … Continue reading



Thank You Bob Schieffer

For the past few months I have struggled to find something really good to read, something that could hold my interest from the very beginning. I was getting frustrated with hard covers, used books and my Kindle. I judged my … Continue reading



Bad Judgment In General

Just moments after the Commander in Chief’s reelection this past week, we learned the stunning news of Four Star General David Petraeus’ relationship with someone other than his wife. Once again we are witness to another individual of high honor … Continue reading



To Vote Or Not To Vote … That Is The Question

Today is the General Election in the City of Orlando and the first thing that I did when I got up was to go over to my polling place in Baldwin Park to cast my votes. I love and appreciate … Continue reading



Bum Rush

In today’s episode of “Bum Rush” Mr. Limbaugh has apologized for last week’s name calling when on his show he dubbed law student Andrea Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Eventually, his corporate bosses and PR people launched an attempt … Continue reading



It Could Cost Penneys

With the economy as it is, some established businesses are deliberately shaking things up to revitalize their own cultures and engage constituents. JCPenney is an example as the company kicks off a new advertising campaign introducing a new retail philosophy and … Continue reading