Roseanne “Barred”

Americans share and enjoy the right to free speech. We can say what we want and when we want – for the most part. But there are also consequences, as demonstrated by the ABC network cancelling its most successful television … Continue reading


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As a crisis manager, I have seen the very worst of human behavior and I have seen the very best. Part of my role includes guiding those involved in a crisis about what not to say and what not to … Continue reading


Knowing When To Rexit

Dear Secretary Tillerson, What a difficult day you have had. Our president dismissed you and let YOU and the world know via Twitter. Something similar happened on an episode of “Sex and the City” when a guy dumped sweet, glamorous … Continue reading



I needed a break. The chatter, the noise and the anger simply became an enormous distraction and irritant. So, I took the bold step of deactivating my business and personal Facebook accounts. I did this nearly two months ago and … Continue reading


Sweet Talkers

Unexpectedly pulled into a particularly unexpected presidential political campaign, Skittles, the little candies, showed a welcome display of class this week when the company gently and subtly responded to a twitter posting by Donald Trump Jr. Young Trump posted a … Continue reading




News is about who, what, where, when, and why, with why always being the most difficult question to answer. Why is also what ordinary individuals who get drafted into media turbulence ask after days of relentless pursuit by reporters and … Continue reading


BREAKING NEWS – I Appreciate The Press

Dear News Media While Donald Trump continues to minimize the importance of a free press, I’d like to thank you for demonstrating integrity during the City of Orlando’s darkest days. Orlando experienced three traumatic events where lives were lost, hearts … Continue reading



Have A Nice Hot Cup Of Condescension

Dear Howard Shultz: Without question, you represent the epitome of entrepreneurship. Through your Starbucks organization, you have created a new culture for socially conscious business as well as for coffee and conversation. It makes sense that you would want to … Continue reading



Happy Birthday To Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc.

At the risk of sounding self-serving, I am delighted to wish myself a very happy birthday as I celebrate my fifth year in business. I started Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc. with less than a proper dose of planning, but … Continue reading



Happy Years – Both Old And New

This was to be my year of technology and learning to play the flute. I mastered neither. Lofty goals they were. Friends smarter than I consoled me with multiple validating reasons how failure is acceptable and not representative of my … Continue reading