Coffee Break

Stop Talking

Inundated as we all are by endless communication channels around us, the urge is to jump in the mix, speak our minds, and make sure our perspective is out there. We’ve become so accustomed to opinionating on anything, no matter … Continue reading


The Art of Journalism – Balancing Journalism & Decency

While watching Sunday’s news coverage of the rising flood waters in Houston, I felt my heartbeat rise as well watching CNN reporter Ed Lavandera aboard a boat floating outside the home of a family needing to be rescued. While covering … Continue reading


Stop Talking – It Won’t Help

This hasn’t been the greatest week for high-profile individuals swirling in circles of controversy. Between President Trump’s attorney and Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille, both have demonstrated that sometimes, it really is difficult, but best to stay quiet. After making the … Continue reading


The News Media Has Pulse Nightclub Covered

As one of the many crisis communicators personally familiar with media coverage as it relates to the Pulse Nightclub tragedy, I can confirm with 100-percent accuracy that our free American press, joined by news media from around the world, has … Continue reading


An Alternative Idea – Be Truthful

Here’s a fact – not an alternative, but instead a nugget of information that is completely true. Professional public relations and communication practitioners who speak on behalf of and represent individuals, organizations and politicians perform their jobs with integrity. That … Continue reading



Republican Congress Kicks Off 2017 With A PR Wound

It was just day three of 2017 when Congressional Republicans got bruised by a self-inflicted public relations wound. Early morning newscasts broke the story that just hours earlier on the SECOND day of the new year, when they met and … Continue reading



A Free Press Is What Makes America Great

From the age of ten, I wanted to be a newspaper reporter, and I had the good fortune to do just that. Although I transitioned into public relations after about 15 years, I still work and live according to the … Continue reading



New Balance Puts Wrong Foot Forward

New Balance got off on the wrong foot recently by stepping into the controversy following the presidential election. For a company that manufactures and sells athletic footwear, its leadership should have known better. Even for amateur athletes, sports is about … Continue reading



Crisis Communications Is The New Tough Talk For Police

Police are trained for and accustomed to managing crises of all kinds from helping retrieve keys from a locked vehicle to mass shootings like that which occurred at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando earlier this year. But like the cobbler’s children … Continue reading


Your Crisis, It Can Be Managed

It may feel bad when something goes wrong and becomes public, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a crisis. Negative events can feel much worse than they really are. At the same time, being unprepared for a real crisis can … Continue reading