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The News Media Has Pulse Nightclub Covered

As one of the many crisis communicators personally familiar with media coverage as it relates to the Pulse Nightclub tragedy, I can confirm with 100-percent accuracy that our free American press, joined by news media from around the world, has … Continue reading


An Alternative Idea – Be Truthful

Here’s a fact – not an alternative, but instead a nugget of information that is completely true. Professional public relations and communication practitioners who speak on behalf of and represent individuals, organizations and politicians perform their jobs with integrity. That … Continue reading



Republican Congress Kicks Off 2017 With A PR Wound

It was just day three of 2017 when Congressional Republicans got bruised by a self-inflicted public relations wound. Early morning newscasts broke the story that just hours earlier on the SECOND day of the new year, when they met and … Continue reading



A Free Press Is What Makes America Great

From the age of ten, I wanted to be a newspaper reporter, and I had the good fortune to do just that. Although I transitioned into public relations after about 15 years, I still work and live according to the … Continue reading



New Balance Puts Wrong Foot Forward

New Balance got off on the wrong foot recently by stepping into the controversy following the presidential election. For a company that manufactures and sells athletic footwear, its leadership should have known better. Even for amateur athletes, sports is about … Continue reading



Crisis Communications Is The New Tough Talk For Police

Police are trained for and accustomed to managing crises of all kinds from helping retrieve keys from a locked vehicle to mass shootings like that which occurred at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando earlier this year. But like the cobbler’s children … Continue reading


Your Crisis, It Can Be Managed

It may feel bad when something goes wrong and becomes public, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a crisis. Negative events can feel much worse than they really are. At the same time, being unprepared for a real crisis can … Continue reading


BREAKING NEWS – I Appreciate The Press

Dear News Media While Donald Trump continues to minimize the importance of a free press, I’d like to thank you for demonstrating integrity during the City of Orlando’s darkest days. Orlando experienced three traumatic events where lives were lost, hearts … Continue reading



Happy Years – Both Old And New

This was to be my year of technology and learning to play the flute. I mastered neither. Lofty goals they were. Friends smarter than I consoled me with multiple validating reasons how failure is acceptable and not representative of my … Continue reading



Madonna Tops Off Her Career

Dear Material Girl: Well apparently it’s time to review my annual love letter to you. I call this a love letter but you may interpret this as criticism. Truly, I write out of concern for you and your judgment. While I believe … Continue reading