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Who We Are

From planning positive media to crisis communication, Sara Brady Public Relations Inc. is recognized for having the experience and skills necessary to maximize positive opportunities in business and the media. The firm also is well equipped to meet the demands of an unexpected onslaught of news media attention that seems to impact so many companies and individuals these days.

Brady is recipient of two prestigious Beacon Awards, the cable industry’s highest communication award, as well as two Golden Image Awards from the Central Florida chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) and the statewide FPRA organization. She was named PR Professional of the Year in 2012 by the Central Florida Chapter of FPRA. She has been named one of Orlando Magazine’s Most Powerful People, for four consecutive years.

What We Do – Manage Your Needs 

The drawn out news cycles of the past no longer exist. Today’s news coverage is in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, news organizations are more aggressive and insatiable than ever when pursuing a story. It can feel suffocating when you are being pressured by the media as they try to make their deadlines. Speed combined with a diminished priority on accuracy and the power of a negative or incorrect representation can make the difference in a company or individual’s professional survival. The threat is real. This firm specializes in creating public relations strategies that provide a layer of protection and an opportunity to manage the unexpected.

Sara Brady, President/CEO

After five years of serving in a corporate public affairs leadership role at Bright House Networks, Brady founded her strategic public relations firm in 2010, creating a highly respected business with a rapidly growing national clientele. Hearing clients’ stories and circumstances is important because every strategy for every client is unique. With a focus on consequences and outcomes, Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc. functions differently than others — there is no cookie cutter work here.

“The work we do is important. We honor the proprietary nature of our clients’ needs and issues so the firm flies under the radar most of the time. The reason we are adept at assisting individuals and organizations in navigating troubling and potentially damaging times is because we understand the long-range impacts of losing perspective and being unprepared. Awareness of unexpected twists and turns keep us focused and flexible.”